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Jefferson Elementary, Maury Middle, Piedmont Elementary, Rush Strong, and Talbott Elementary

Jefferson County Schools is proud to announce that five schools have been designated as Reward Schools by the Tennessee Department of Education. This is a record number of Reward Schools for the district. This school designation reflects exceptional performance in the areas of achievement and growth for the 2022 – 2023 school year. Each year, schools are eligible for designations based on their overall performance across indicators that are essential to student success, including how they prepared students to be proficient (achievement), accelerated student learning (growth), encouraged students to attend school regularly (chronically out of school), and supported English learners acquiring language skills.  

  • Rush Strong School last received Reward School status in 2018. 

  • Talbott Elementary has earned Reward School status four years in a row. 

  • Piedmont Elementary and Jefferson Elementary have earned Reward School status two years in a row.  

  • Maury Middle School last received Reward School status in 2018. 

The Reward School designation provides a great opportunity to celebrate the work done within each of these schools daily. Dr. Tommy Arnold says “We are proud of all our schools and the work they are doing. Having five schools recognized by the department proves their commitment to a Culture of Excellence in everything they do! Please remember to celebrate the good things happening in our schools every single day.” In addition to Reward School status each of these schools and Jefferson Middle School also earned an A from the department of education on this year’s school report card.  

Reward Schools 2023


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